By Robert E Salais Construction Welcome Home Company Services Links Gallery Contact Blog Specials Copyright © STUCCO.WS 1997-2013 1.800.575.5585 1.800.575.5585 1.800.575.5585 STUCCO.WS STUCCO.WS STUCCO.WS We have been serving all Southern California, for many years.  And we have a list of many happy customers living in your area.     “Deliver is the common word in our company”.  	Free computerized 3D color design by request. (see your house colors and finishes options through computerized photo images) 	Free frame damage repair (up to $900.00 Dlls.)  in any new stucco project. 	Free wood damage repair (up to $ 400.00 Dlls) in any Re-Stucco or TEXCOTE work. 	You may also qualify for free gutters, fascia boards replacement and more. Call us now!  Here is some of the list, of all our  “Stucco Plastering” New stucco from scratch (starting from framing walls) 	New Stucco, removing old one. 	Sandblasting or Hydro/blasting and Re-Stucco (color coat) 	Fog Coat and Polymer Color Coat (La Habra Allegro) 	Foam Moldings  	Re-Stucco all finishes: 	1.	Sand Finish (Rough, Regular and Fine) 	2.	Knock Downs (All Kinds) 	3.	Smooth Finishes 	4.	Cat Face     5.  Custom finishes and more. Click here for more info.....
We have been doing, “STUCCO, PLASTERING, TEXCOTE & Construction” for more than 25 uninterrupted years.   We are happy in offering, experience and knowledge in all the branches related to “Stucco”, “Plastering” and “Texcote”. At the same time, our company offers you expertize, in all the branches of construction, home remodeling and small repairs, 90% of all our staff, works for the company, very little if needed, is the work of subcontractors. That is one of the main reasons why, we can offer you, a much better price for your project. Our services are customer oriented. As soon as you call, we start working in creating, a solid and well funded, “client and company relationship”. Please don’t hesitate and call us, for a free at your home evaluation of your project.
We Do All Repairs            Small & Big Repairs Home About Services Links Gallery Contact Blog Specials STUCCO.WS STUCCO.WS STUCCO.WS Services By Robert E Salais Construction Home Home We also offer you “Texture Coating, Painting & All Construction Services” TEXCOTE (Texture Coating). 	All Painting (Exterior & Interior). 	Carpentry. (patios, wood gates, decks, fences framing repairs etc....) 	All Remodeling ( kitchens, bathrooms, tiles, wood floors, electrical, roofing, walkways, driveways, concrete, pavers, plumbing, drywall, windows, doors, swimming pools, fences, block walls, etc.....) 	New Construction. (including room additions) 	Small repairs.  	Handyman help. OFFER HOT “New Stucco” lath, scratch, brown and “Sand Finish Coat”. From $40.00 Sq Yard... (Includes city permits).   Also offers in: Re-Stucco & TEXCOTE
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