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Everything starts when we meet you at your home or site of your project, there the  following steps start to be accomplished: 1 - We introduce ourselves, and answer personally all your concerns, about who we are, and what we can offer you, as well as you will show us, what do you need us to do, regarding your project, so we can inspect and find the best solution for your needs. 2 - We go around your property, inspect and measure. Mainly in this step is collect data so we can, put numbers together, as well as solutions for your project. 3 - We bring all the information to our office and work, with the help of our computer system, to get you in a printed paper your best estimate, and solutions through images, and numbers. 4 - Finally we bring you our written estimate, or we could Email it, or Fax it, as you could prefer. Sometimes we could even give you an idea at site, of how much would be your estimate. However all this depends in what it is your project, and what are exactly, your main needs.  
Scaffolds are very important, to help achieving a better job, we install the appropriate scaffolding, depending of the need of the work to be performed.
Sometimes either sand/blasting (removal of top layer of paint with air pressured sand) or hydro/blasting (removal of top layer of paint with pressured water) is needed, to ensure adhesion of the new stucco when re-stuccoing a project job.
Lathing is when black paper and chicken wire is installed, prior to installing the scratch, brown and finish coat of a “New Stucco Installation System”. This lathing when is done in a professional way, ensures that no water could leak from the walls, when the new stucco is installed. Scratch is the first coat applied over the lath and brown is the second coat, in a scratch, brown and finish coat, stucco system.  
Stucco finish coat, is the one you can see, is installed with color already in the mixture, and done with the finish that you may desire. Follow the following link to know more from “Omega Stucco”.  
We do all kinds of foam moaldings. They bring beauty to your house, and costwise the are  very inexpensive. We have a wide range of styles or even we invent the one you may like.  
Stucco & Plastering Services
We happily, offer you a free at site, evaluation of your project.
 Sand/Blasting or Hydro/Blasting
  Lathing, Scratch & Brown
  Stucco Finish Coat
    Foam Moldings
Texture Coating
Our system of installing texture coatings is a 9 plus system, as we call it. We call it 9 plus because besides the professional Texture Coating    installation, we offer you all our stucco, painting, home remodeling, construction, repair and handyman services.               Please follow this link to see our Texture Coating process